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Vinyl winter experiment portrait by Manearion

The fact that the background is as close in hue to the light color of her mane sort of causes them to sort of merge with each other. At first this was a little annoying but after a bit it draws attention to her eye which in turn becomes the pictures focus point making the blurrieness of her mane not matter as much.

Mane draws Vinyl. You could get some orginality score for the scarf though, and for trying new style elements. But when it comes to you I don't expext anything but Vinyl anymore. Offence intended ;3

The use of new brushes and techniques gives it a new interesting look not seen in your artwork earlier bringing some refreshment from the usual sketchieness or colored lineart that generally dominate your art.

So, now for the important stuff, give her here so I can hug her, she looks like she could use a hug~
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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